Risk Disclosure Statement

2021-03-07 11:19

Risk disclosure book

Dear Investor:

The foreign exchange derivatives margin business of FANHUAGROUP brokers is an investment business with high potential returns and potential risks. It has higher requirements on investors" risk tolerance, understanding of risks, risk control capabilities and investment experience.
FANHUAGROUP is a foreign exchange margin broker in Vanuatu. The customer signs this agreement to represent that he has fully recognized and understood the risks of future foreign exchange margin trading business with FANHUAGROUP.
The purpose of this risk disclosure book is to fully reveal investment risks to investors, and to help investors evaluate and determine their own risk tolerance.
This disclosure book discloses various risk factors that may occur in the trading process, but does not fully cover all the risks of foreign exchange margin trading.
Therefore, before signing the "Client Agreement" and conducting transactions, investors should read this "Risk Disclosure" carefully, and ensure that they have fully understood the nature and rules of the relevant transactions; and based on their own investment experience, objectives, financial status , risk-taking ability, etc. to decide whether to participate in the transaction.
If investors do not understand or are unclear about this disclosure, they should consult relevant institutions in a timely manner, and if there is no objection to the disclosure, please sign it by hand (institutional investors need to affix the official seal) to confirm.

1. Instructions for Investors (1) Warmly remind that foreign exchange margin trading business is highly speculative and high-risk, and is not suitable for investors who use pension funds, debt funds (such as bank loans) to invest.
(2) The foreign exchange margin trading business is only suitable for investors who meet all the following conditions: A. Chinese citizens who have reached the age of 18 and have full capacity for civil conduct, or corporate legal persons or other economic organizations registered and established within the territory of the People"s Republic of China according to law; B. Be able to fully understand all the risks related to this transaction, and have the corresponding risk tolerance; C. Part or all of the account funds are lost due to investment mistakes, which will not change their normal way of life or affect their normal production and operation. D. The investor must open an account with a real and legal identity; E. The investor must ensure the legitimacy of the source of funds; The authenticity, legality and validity of the information.
(3) Signing of account opening documents 1. When a natural person handles the account opening procedures, the investor must sign the account opening documents in person, and no other person shall be entrusted to handle the account opening procedures.
2. When an enterprise legal person or other economic organization handles account opening procedures, its legal representative or authorized agent can sign the account opening document.
When entrusting an agent to handle the account opening procedures, the enterprise legal person or other economic organization shall provide a true, legal and valid "Power of Attorney".

2. Relevant Risk Disclosure Investors are aware of the above risks and are willing to bear the resulting losses.
(2) Risk of price fluctuations Foreign exchange prices are affected by a variety of factors (including but not limited to the international economic situation, currency exchange rates, relevant market trends, political situations, natural factors, etc.), and the impact mechanism of these factors on the prices of trading products is very complex , it is difficult for investors to fully grasp in actual operation, so there is the possibility of investment mistakes. If the risks cannot be effectively controlled, they may suffer greater losses, and investors must bear all losses caused by such risks.
(3) Technical risk This business is realized through electronic communication technology and Internet technology.
There are (but not limited to) the following risks, and investors should fully understand and bear all the resulting losses; 1. Due to uncontrollable and unpredictable system failures, equipment failures, communication failures, power failures, network failures and other factors, It may lead to abnormal operation or even paralysis of the system, causing delay, interruption, data error, etc. of your trading instructions; 2. Due to the possibility of online trading system being attacked by network hackers and computer viruses, it may lead to system failure and make The transaction cannot be carried out or the market information is wrong or delayed; 3. The data transmission on the Internet may be delayed, interrupted, data error or incomplete due to busy communication and other reasons, thereby delaying and interrupting online transactions; 4. Your computer The system may be attacked by computer viruses and/or network hackers, so that investors" investment decisions cannot be executed correctly or in a timely manner; 5. If you lack online trading experience, the transaction may fail or make mistakes due to improper operation; 6. Your The transaction password is lost or stolen by others.
(IV) Trading risks 1. Investors need to understand the trading rules of FANHUAGROUP"s foreign exchange margin trading business, which has the characteristics of low margin and high leverage ratio investment, so it may lead to rapid profit or loss.
Investors should rationally pursue profits and face up to transaction risks.
If the direction of opening a position is opposite to the price trend of the trading product, it will cause a large loss. According to the degree of loss, the investor must meet the requirements for additional performance bond at any time, otherwise the electronic contract you hold may be at a loss. If the position is forcibly liquidated, the investor must bear all the losses caused thereby.
2. Based on the international price of the trading variety, FANHUAGROUP continuously quotes the guiding price of the trading variety in combination with necessary market factors and liquidity quotations.
The price may have a slight gap with the quotations of other channels, and the quotation cannot guarantee that its transaction price is completely consistent with other markets.
3. In the trading system, the market price single submitted by the investor through the online terminal is irrevocable after the transaction, and the investor must accept the risks that may be brought about by this method.
4. Investors place a market order by telephone. Once the transaction is confirmed on the trading side, it is irrevocable or withdrawn. Investors must accept the risks that may be brought about by this order method.
5. FANHUAGROUP agents and their staff will not make profit guarantees to investors, and will not share profits or risks with investors.
Investors should be aware that any promise of profit or loss of foreign exchange margin trading business is impossible or unfounded.
6. Investors" contract notes must be based on their own decisions.
Any analysis and information on the market provided by FANHUA GROUP LTD, the agent and its staff are for investors" reference only and do not constitute any offer or commitment.
The resulting transaction risks shall be borne by the investors themselves.
7. Investors should ensure that transaction passwords and fund passwords will not be leaked. All losses caused by investors" poor custody of passwords shall be borne by investors themselves.
8. In the process of telephone or electronic trading, there may be occasional and obvious wrong quotations. FANHUA GROUP LTD may correct the profit and loss caused by the wrong price and wrong price afterwards, and the transaction risk caused by this shall be borne by the investors themselves. .
(5) Risk of force majeure Any reasons beyond the control of FANHUAGROUP, including but not limited to earthquakes, floods, fires, riots, strikes, wars, government regulations, international or domestic prohibitions or restrictions, power outages, technical failures, electronic failures, etc. Force majeure events that cannot be predicted or prevented may have an impact on investors" transactions, and investors should fully understand and bear all the resulting losses.

3. Special Reminders 1. Investors must thoroughly understand the basic knowledge and related risks of investment products and the relevant business rules of FANHUA GROUP LTD before participating in investment, and should engage in investment business in compliance with laws and regulations.
2. The current foreign exchange margin trading business is in the development stage. In order to ensure the "open, fair, just" and healthy and stable development of the market, FANHUAGROUP will take stricter measures to strengthen market supervision.
Please pay close attention to the announcements, risk reminders and other information about the market, keep abreast of the market risk situation, make rational investments, and avoid blindly following the trend.
3. Before opening transactions, investors should cooperate with brokers to carry out investor suitability management, provide complete and truthful information required for account opening, and must not resort to fraudulent means to avoid relevant requirements, otherwise, FANHUAGROUP can refuse to open for you. Transaction Services.
4. The above-mentioned risk disclosure items in this "Risk Disclosure Statement" are only listed in nature, and all risk factors and conditions related to spot transactions in the market cannot be listed in detail. Therefore, investors should fully and seriously understand the FANHUAGROUP"s risk factors before entering the market. Trading rules and relevant regulations, prudently decide whether to participate in investment in this market, and rationally allocate your financial assets based on your own economic tolerance, risk control ability, physical and psychological tolerance, etc.