2021-03-07 11:18

User background registration instructions


Account Opening Steps
Open the URL https://fh.crm-gold.net/registered/belong_XX(t promotion link) to display the registration page

Mobile phone scan code for real-name verification

ID card, bank card, mobile phone number, must be consistent with real name; otherwise real-name authentication will not be successful;
After passing the real-name authentication , return to the platform and sign the account opening electronic agreement
After the account opening electronic agreement is signed, wait for the customer to review. After the review is passed, your independent background will be generated before you can operate. The ID number with letters should be capitalized, and the ID photo should be clearly visible.

two. Apply for an account with the same name

Click to create MT4 account, then refresh the interface, an account with the same name will be automatically generated

3. Transfer function

The transfer function is currently only for the same type of account transfer: for example, the compensation account can only be transferred to the compensation account, and it is not possible to transfer to other types of accounts; no handling fee will be charged for transfers between accounts with the same name;

three. Deposit and withdrawal function

Deposit: select wallet - click balance - click recharge

Select a payment method, enter an amount, and click save

Click to confirm pay the service provider

Enter your name

Payee Name must match the name of the card you are transferring money to

Fill in the phone number for authentication

Follow the above account information to transfer the past (currently the digital currency on the market can only be carried out by personal transfer method

Purchase, each submission will change to a different service provider)
When transferring money, remember to fill in the remark code in the postscript. Which bank do you use to transfer money, choose which bank , after the transfer is successful, click to remind the service provider to collect the money
After the above operation is completed, the funds have been transferred to the wallet.

Click to deposit, click to apply for deposit, fill in the MT4 account number, enter the amount, recharge from the wallet to the MT4 account.


Click on the left sidebar - Withdrawal - Click on Apply for Withdrawal

Fill in the MT4  account number and amount to be withdrawn. This step is to transfer from the MT4  account to the wallet. Please read the withdrawal rules in detail.
After the withdrawal is successful, the funds will be deposited in the wallet

Click on the wallet - click on the balance - click on the withdrawal

Enter the withdrawal amount, click  save, the withdrawal is to withdraw to the bank card. Just wait for review

Transfer to the other party"s wallet: select the wallet - select the balance - click transfer